All About the Little Things

Ogres, Orgies and Orgasms

 Did you know that one Ogre is called an Ogre?

Did you know that two Ogres are an Orgy?

Did you know that three Ogres are an Orgasm?

Well, now you do. Compliments of my Father.  Note to Self:  never ask your father what an Orgy is because you saw it scrawled on a bathroom wall.


My Uncle Has An Enormous Booger

Did you know that when you are 5 years old and look up at an adult you can see right up their nose?

Did you know that once you realize this you never look at a 5 year old the same way again?


I like to listen to foreign music and guess the lyrics.  Italian music is the best because they are sooooo passionate about everything from Pepperoni to Farts.

* I just posted this as a comment on but liked it so much I thought I’d stick it here as well.