Did you just rev up my toothbrush?

My second attempt at finding an Adorable Life-Mate was a huge success. I have to give all the credit to him though, because I certainly tried his patience.  It’s not easy trying to find a new mate when your boobs are drooping, the threat of a double chin has become a reality and you need Sherpas to carry all the baggage you lugged out of your marriage.  He persisted though and I finally accepted that there wasn’t a porn addict or a rapist in the closet and he wasn’t after what little money I had (I evidentally watched too many Investigation Discovery programs like Homicide Hunter or Who the #$%* did I Marry?).

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My First Stalking Victim

There is a woman who lives in my neighbourhood and I really want to stalk her but not in a bad way. I live in the city so I see a lot of people every day and I almost never want to stalk them.  I noticed her last summer so I think she probably just moved into the neighbourhood.  She had a pretty blue dress on that ended right at her knees.  She has medium-length black hair, a very large butt, a prominent nose and isn’t particularly beautiful but I was captivated!

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A deep breath and a flourish…..

Since I’m new at this and this is my first blog post you might be here by mistake. Google has led you here instead of taking you to where you really wanted to go because Google is a jerk sometimes.  Or, you might be here just checking it out in which case I am nothing if not helpful so here is a short list of things you won’t find here:

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