Sex On The Beach – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers.  Challenge:  write a 100 word story about the above picture – courtesy of my friend Dale Rogerson.  To read more short stories by awesome writers click the blue button below.

Without further ado, this is my contribution:

“Come on, Cheryl!  I’ve always wanted to do this!  You said you would!”

“That was before I realized the moon would turn my freakishly white body into a lighthouse beacon!  It’s the middle of winter at home, Steve!”

“We’re on vacation.  No one knows us.  We’re just two more people having sex on the beach.  They’ll never remember us.”

“And if we’re arrested?  That’s nice to have on our record.”

“Ok.  Leave your bikini on and if we’re caught we’ll say we were just wrestling.”

“Sure.  Two lighthouses wrestling on the beach.  I’m sure the cops will buy it.”

Word count:  99

32 thoughts on “Sex On The Beach – Friday Fictioneers”

  1. I’m sure the local police have seen it all before, including two lighthouses wrestling on the beach. Funny story.

    1. Nothing glows brighter than winter skin in the moonlight. Police won’t have trouble finding them. :o) Thanks for stopping by Trent.

    1. I lived in the Arctic for 6 years. By the time February rolled around I was Vampire-ishly white. :o) Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Me too! :o) And I have it on good authority that it IS but that doesn’t stop some people from go for it. :o) Thanks for stopping by Linda.

  2. Well… I can tell you that sand in certain areas is so not worth it… 😉 I was young and so not wise…
    And… can’t they find a part of the beach with some tall grasses? Like they have in Maine.. now THAT’S the perfect place – not that I tried there. Yet. Ha ha!
    Lighthouses… you kill me, Lori… (and, not to be picky… but it is RogersON – I know it was just a typo)

    1. Oops! Fixing it now! Also……tall grass? I’d be afraid someone would see all that grass swishing and swaying and assume it was a very big animal that needed to be darted and carried back to the wild. The moon IS quite bright after all. And I have to admit to a little enthusiasm….well, never mind. :o)

    1. Yikes! Not only will her paste-y legs lure ships to their doom but Frigate Birds may peck at you, too? Sex on the beach is more risky than I thought! :o) Thanks for stopping by Mike.

  3. Don’t be too surprised if one of the officers doesn’t get on his radio and starts calling the play-by-play. “Looks like PaleMan has his opponent in a camel clutch right now, but she’s squirming to get free. She made it! Now Moonbeamer comes back with her patented Chickenwing over-the-shoulder cross-face move. PaleMan is quivering! I think it’s about over . . . . It is!!!”

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