VICTORY! or not

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again, hosted by the stupendous Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This time we’re using a wonderful prompt photo by Roger Bulltot.

“HA!  I told you this wasn’t the way out!”  Cheryl crowed, twerking enthusiastically in a well-rehearsed if seldom used victory dance. 

Steve rolled his eyes, studying the map.

“YeeHaw!!”  Slapping her ass and shuffling like she was riding a horse.  “Gawd, it’s great to be right once in a while!”

He traced the map with his right index finger, muttering about medieval architecture.

Cheryl was now trotting in circles chanting ‘LOOOOSER’.

Steve went closer to the wall and pulled a vine aside.  “Hey!  Here it is!” 

Cheryl stopped to stare, wilted in disappointment and let her head fall back.  “Fuuuuuuck!”

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34 thoughts on “VICTORY! or not”

    1. She thought that she was finally right about something only to find out she wasn’t right and that sucks. Trust me on that. Not being right very often truly sucks. My husband is right all the damned time too, and I have an elaborate celebration dance when I catch him being WRONG.

      You give me too much credit with Cheryl Crow. I realized it was there but it was purely accidental. :o)

      Thanks for stopping by, James.

    1. I think she’s probably already perfected losing. Which is probably why she celebrates winning so extravagantly. Unfortunately, this time she was a little too quick to celebrate. :o) Thanks for stopping by Iain.

  1. You wrote this so well I can totally see Cheryl’s shenanigans… bummer her bliss was short-lived… I so know the feeling too! (Mind you, I was often the right one… 😉 )

    I love James’ Cheryl Crow allusion, too! (Don’t you wish you had done that on purpose? 😛 )

    1. Yes, I wish I were that talented but alas, it was purely accidental. I just couldn’t find any other word that described Cheryl’s excitement quite so well.

      And I know that feeling, too. The Viking laughed and said this sounded so familiar.

    1. When you finally get a Win you celebrate it with abandon. At least that’s my philosophy. Thanks for stopping by Sarah. :o)

    1. Cheryl agrees with you completely, especially when it comes to Perfect Steve. She hates always being wrong. :o)

    1. It totally sucks to be the one that’s wrong all the time! When The Viking is wrong I make a big note on the calendar and do the happy dance. Not long ago, a couple of weeks, I was right TWO TIMES IN ONE DAY!! It was wonderful! I’ll remember that day for the rest of my life. Thanks for stopping by Amie. :o)

  2. Hahahaha. A Very ,very fun read , Mrs. C.
    Sad that Cheryl was disappointed , but I am pretty sure , she will make a strong comeback , soon.?
    May this wish be granted.

    1. STEVE should be happy he married MRS. Right and stop being so damned superior all the time. Would it kill him to be wrong ONCE in a while?

    1. I know! That dance deserves so many more opportunities if only Steve wouldn’t be so……..right all the time. :o) Thanks for stopping by.

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