Friday Fictioneers – Weren’t You Listening?

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  I can’t always add to the group but I do when I have the time.  The same goes for reading all the other great offerings – it takes a long time to get through them all.  If I miss you one week I try to catch you the next.  My apologies if I miss you more often.  I’m reading as fast as I can and my other jobs won’t always wait.

This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Sarah Potter.


“I’m home, Babe!  Mom says hello!”

“I’m in the spare room!” He called back

The stairs creaked as she went up.  The hallway was dark but the spare room spilled more light than usual.

What the hell?!

He was caked in white powder; hair, face, clothes, shoes.  Drywall dust, obviously, because the next surprise was a transformed spare room.

The ugly green wallpaper had been replaced with delicate pink walls and white trim; crib, rocking chair, change table.

She caressed her belly and smiled gently.  “But it’s going to be a boy.  Weren’t you listening?”

“Wait! What?!  Ah, shit!!

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40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Weren’t You Listening?”

    1. Ummm……yes….I believe I am. You know when you can’t see the forest for the trees? Well, I couldn’t see the sexism for my gender generalizations. The point was supposed to be ‘you weren’t listening’ but it got lost behind the blatant and shameless sexism. Which is ironic because I’ve been in a lengthy discussion regarding my refusal to use The Viking’s last name now that we’re married. The basis of my argument is that women shouldn’t be pressured by outdated and obsolete societal norms to take a name that isn’t her own simply because she decided to get married. Oddly enough, the discussion isn’t even with The Viking.

      This is precisely why I’m not a Politician! Please don’t call the UN Human Rights Committee.

    1. Yes. Let’s go with that. Now that I’ve stepped into the mire of sexism, let’s call it Disney-esque and call it a day. :o) Thanks for stopping by Susan. I appreciate your kindness.

    1. Yes. There is no doubt that boys can like pink and girls can like blue. I hadn’t meant to be sexist but there it is. This is why I’m not a politician and also why I am Mrs. Completely – I missed this completely. :o) Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks FP. I needed that. I might just stop banging my head against the wall and perhaps my inner feminist will start talking to me again. At present she’s crouching in a corner of my mind giving me the Stink Eye. :o) Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Actually the baby will long be out of the nursery before he learns the psycholgical difference between pink and blue — or even the difference between male and female. This is an adult/peer pressure thing. “What will our friends say?”

    1. So there’s a good possibility that I haven’t ruined the child’s life completely? :o) Thanks for stopping by Christine, and thanks for the ‘out’. :o)

  2. Nice story. It’s always good to listen!
    I like the way you start “I’m home, Babe!  Mom says hello!”. It tells us immediately where she’s been, and gives us a great picture of a loving family.
    I wouldn’t mind betting that her husband would have remembered that it was a boy if he’d stopped and thought for a moment. I imagine he was swept away in a haze of “I’m gonna be a dad – gotta be a good dad – gotta paint that room.”
    A good read, and so nice to think about birth when so many FF contributors wrote about death!

    1. Thank you so much Penny for your kindness. :o) Maybe subconsciously he was hoping for a girl? Or maybe he just likes pink. ;o)

    1. That seems like a difficult way to run a relationship. What if she’s not a yeller? What if she’s mute? I think instead of yelling, maybe the partners of these men could employ a sharp stick. Sure, it’s annoying to carry around all the time but the results might last a little longer. And if it doesn’t last any longer than yelling at least there would be the satisfaction of drawing blood. :o)

  3. I’m sure pink will be just fine 🙂 I can’t believe the sex of his baby somehow passed him by though. I know he was probably floating in a dream-world of wonder at having a baby, but that’s kind of a biggie 🙂

    1. Someone commented that “some men don’t pay attention unless yelled at”. Maybe she just didn’t yell it at him. If you combine ‘not listening’ with ‘not being yelled at’ the outcome is probably fairly epic. :o) Thanks for stopping by! :o)

  4. Funny. And no they don’t listen and if they do hear you the third time then you’re a nag. Ay, ay, ay
    Cute story. Every boy needs a little pink in his life anyway.

    1. I can’t stand on too tall of a soap box because I’ve been caught not listening to The Viking lately. A few times. In my defense…..he was talking when I was thinking about something else. :o) Thanks for stopping by Tracey.

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