All About Other Great Bloggers

The Bloggess

“If you are easily offended you are in the wrong place”  but really, it’s totally the right place.  Hang on to your hats because she’s a hysterical.

Susan M. Toy

Susan is an amazing author, writer, promoter, supporter and so many other things it would take too long to list.  She’s also a beautiful person.  Buy her books, read her posts and enjoy other bloggers who join in the fun.

Ned Hickson

“Humor at the Speed of Light”.  You’ll love his posts.  Trust me.

Bun Karyudo

“Wit and Whimsy — with a Teeny Pinch of Pathos”.  Weird name, great blog!

Donna Irwin’s Think Tank

“This is a blog about ideas, most of which are bad”.  You’ll like her.  Trust me.

Private Lisa

Her Pryvates have been all over her site!  I just found her and she’s funny as hell!

Sketches from Memory, Comics and Stuff by Charlie Cottrell

He’s great.  And his wife is even greater!

Susan Jarreau – Of Dreams and Disasters

I love her writing – it’s beautiful

Amie Writes

“I am on the long and winding road to realize my dream of becoming a novelist.”

And she will get there because she is fantastic.