Friday Fictioneers – Hotels and Room Service

I missed the last few Friday Fictioneers because The Viking tricked me into marrying him.  Okay….talked….me into marrying him.  So, there was that and then his brother and wife came to visit from Denmark and then a Honeymoon.  All of which kept me from getting too much time with a computer.

But I’m finally back in the swing of things so I have time for FF, hosted by the great and wonderful Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields.  And the photo prompt this week is provided by Jan Wayne Fields.


“What was that?”  Cheryl’s legs scissored and kicked inside the sleeping bag.  “There’s something crawling on my leg!!”

Steve rolled his eyes.  “There’s nothing crawling on your leg, Cheryl.  It’s all in your head.”

Scrambling out, sitting heavily on Steve’s stomach (Oooff!), she shook out her bag.  A beetle about an inch long plopped on her pillow.

“I knew it!!  This is why I hate camping!!  There are bugs in EVERYTHING!” 

Steve tossed the beetle outside immediately after Cheryl bolted, taking her pillow and bag to the car.

“So it’s hotels and room service forever?!” He yelled after her.


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36 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Hotels and Room Service”

  1. Yep. You can definitely count on bugs when camping. Whether it be tent or trailer. Though, once we went the trailer route, it was a lot less “buggier”!

    Congrats on you and the Viking! May you have many years of him being your writing muse… 😉
    I know mine is still giving me some though he’s no longer here…

    1. Yes, trailers ARE a lot less buggier. Thanks for the well-wishes. :o) He’s a keeper on most days. And, I don’t know what to do about that last line. Is your muse gone like divorced or gone like no longer among the living?

  2. Bugs are a definite drawback to camping. And I would not want to share my sleeping bag with one either.

    Not sure about this Viking thing but it sounds like congrats are in order. May Odin bless you both

    1. Thanks Susan. ‘The Viking’ is my recently legalized Husband and he’s from Denmark, hence the moniker. He’s my muse when he isn’t annoying me. :o)

  3. Hehehe . That’s such a fun story , Mrs.C. Lovely !
    And, my heartiest congratulations for a beautiful ever after. I would have to confess that the picture prompt had originally taken me to the land of fairy tales . So happy I came across yours . All my good wishes…

  4. Dear Mrs. C,

    Or should that be Mrs. V? I could feel that bug crawling up my leg, too. Ugh. Yep…hotels from here on out. Good one and Congrats.



  5. Yep. That’s why sane people don’t camp! Lovely tale and heartiest congrats on marrying your Viking. Does he have a longship? Always fancied a ride in a longship 🙂

    1. Sadly, he doesn’t have a longship. He DOES have a battle axe and a shield though. Don’t tell him I said this but he’s really quite adorable when he gets all Viking-y and shakes the axe and shield in my direction. Luckily, they are quite heavy so he doesn’t shake them for long. :o) Thanks for stopping by Lynn.

    1. Tents are for people who wear hiking boots and layered clothing and have toilet paper in their backpack. Not Cheryl. :o) Thanks for stopping by Linda!

  6. A bug in the sleeping bag would creep me out, too. It’s never happened to me and I went camping a lot, and plan to do so again. Fun story, and congrats and many happy years together, Mrs. Completely and Mr. Viking.

    1. Haha! Yes, it could get much worse. Cheryl and I prefer our camping on wheels with a queen size bed and a real toilet. And yes again – I know I’m spoiled. :o) Thanks for stopping by Alice.

  7. Many congrats and best wishes. How fortunate to live in this day and age where Vikings don’t just drop in to plunder and carry off, no questions asked. ?
    I’m a hotel, room service, no-fauna type myself. Thankfully so is DH.

  8. So, you picked up some baggage. My wife’s been unable to shake this hillbilly for forty-two years, a testament to her fortitude. Most days I’m a frog, only on occasions a prince.

    She should be thrilled it wasn’t a snake. I’m not that big on roughing it anymore either, but Connie lives to camp.

    1. Yes, I now have baggage but he’s okay for an old guy. :o) I’m pretty sure Cheryl is thrilled that no snake stopped to visit her sleeping bag. Thanks for stopping by Russell. :o)

  9. I think we can forgive your absence. Congrats. I, too, am married to a Viking – Norwegian. This is a fun story. I love camping, don’t mind bugs but know MANY who HATE camping and are terrified of bugs. Well told story.

  10. I enjoyed this immensely.. though I would say that there are girls who enjoy camping a lot. I can actually feel that it would be myself being concerned about beetles and bugs.

    1. Haha! I love camping – just not in a tent. I`m far too much of a princess now. And I know a guy that would scream like a girl when it came to spiders. Thanks for stopping by, Bjorn. :o)

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