Life Lesson – Friday Fictioneers

Wow!  It’s been a while.  Running a business, running a household and offsprings and just plain running takes up a lot of time.  If I were better at budgeting my time I probably wouldn’t have to run so much but then I wouldn’t be me if everything was orderly and under control.

So, without further ado – because I’m still not caught up – here’s my poor offering to the group.


“Pick one, Son.”

“I like the blue one, Papa.”

Chuckling.  “I like the way you think, but it’s too big for you.  Last thing you want is to be is intimidated.”

Disappointed.  “The green one?”

“There you go!  That’s the perfect size.  So, you walk up beside it and stop when you are almost past it.  Then lift your leg and let her rip.  Like this.”

Water splashing against the orange column.

“Now you try.  Oh, too far.  Back up.  That’s perfect!  Fire away!”


“The green one is the perfect size, right?”

Proudly.  “Yes, Papa.  My first man-dog pee!”


As always, the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts Friday Fictioneers.  The photo prompt for this week has been provided by Sarah Ann Hall.

Many thanks ladies.

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16 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Friday Fictioneers”

    1. I haven’t read your yet but it’s pretty funny. Great minds think alike, I guess. And we’ll just ignore “dull minds seldom differ”. :o) Thanks for stopping by Russell

    1. Hmmmm… that you mention it…….my mood has been a little pissy lately as well. Maybe it’s time to stop and smell the roses. :o) XOXO

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